How to set DX11 layer priority?

There appears to be no DX11 version of Group (EX9 Priority). So how to change the rendering order of DX11 layers at runtime?

The Order (DX11.Layer) node does not work with the output of a Group (DX11.Layer) node, only with nodes that output multiple instances (like a Quad with multiple transforms into it).

Any way to do this? Thanks!

The estimable mrvux answered this over on github:

Order (DX11.Layer) in fact does only operate on shader output. What was confusing me was that it would work on the output of a Group (DX11.Layer) node at all if the input was from shaders.

And you can re-order any layers by joining them with a Cons (DX11.Layer) and then changing the order of the layers by sorting them using a following GetSlice (Node). The surprise for me was that GetSlice (Node) works with DX11 layers.

Thanks Vux!