How to send vvvv realtime renderer to madmapper?


I’m searching for a way to have the vvvv renderer in madmapper. But it’s so hard to find a way. Is there no way? If you have any hints, please let me know.

Thank you!

Did you try Spout?

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Thank you so much!

I haven’t tried Spout yet. I don’t know why I can’t found this ;)
Thank you for your good answer; I’ll try it soon and answer it!

Thanks to your grateful advice, I was able to try with spout!
Spout seems to be a good way to use vvvv and madmapper together.
I’m testing it now, but it doesn’t work on ex9. It seems to work only on dx11. Of course, dx11 is enough, but I want to know why. Apparently, the spout node in vvvv seems to support ex9.

Also NDI is a good option…

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Thanks to your hints,
I tried NDI. If I use NDI, I think I can use the EX9 node. But with NDI, I guess I can’t make multi-videos in Madmapper. A single video is possible! Of course, maybe I don’t know how yet…

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