How to send Midi Sys ex to controllers in Gamma?

Hi Friends, after a long research I’ve been unable to find how to send Midi Sys Ex messages to my controllers in Gamma. So I will be really grateful if someone could share his experience in this.

Many thanks to all of you

It would deppend on which kind of message you want to send,
the Midi library in gamma provides 3 kind of message types, SysExCommonMessage, SysExRealtimeMessage, and SysExMessage, here an example of the last type. LaunchPadColorsSysex.vl (15.2 KB)



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Hi Lasal, that’s exactly what I was looking for. Many thanks for that.
Anyway I was looking for a way to change mode on my APC40mkII using sysex . And that’s the way. thanks for your patch really useful

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