How to scroll through multiple grids

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Hi vvvvguys,

I try to make a scrolling into a room using homography, to get the text scrolling through walls.
I have my 3 walls and the nice text scrolling - Thanks to @sunep)) for his

How do I scroll from far right to far left in one?
I mean for the moment the scrolling is start 3 times on each walls

you make a spreaded TextureTransform on your last Quad.

like, so:

TextureMultipleHomography.v4p (21.0 kB)

Great thanks

you can do it in some ways ,here 2 quick ones

MultiScreenHomography.v4p (25.6 kB)
TextureTransform.v4p (17.6 kB)

upss solutions there already cool

Hmmm, at least for me, the two side panels in purf’s patch are distorted; it becomes obvious when you convert the text to dashes (in attached patch). It seems to be along the line of the two triangles making up each quad, as if they are not “stretched” in similar fashion so the texture map is different.

I’ve unmarked the solution, as at least for me this doesn’t look right. I’ve run across this problem before when trying to map a rectangular texture onto a distorted quad. Anyone know how to straighten it out? Thanks!

TextureMultipleHomography-2.v4p (21.0 kB)

I tried to replace the Quad with a grid and it looks OK … Dunno if it might have some performance impact though …
Attached file

TextureMultipleHomography-GRID_Geometry.v4p (23.4 kB)

Ah yes, of course.
+1 for Grid!