How to save textures (not references) in collections

hi all,

I trigger a picture with kinect and want to write the best take to disk.
I convert the kinect image to Skia image, in order to be able to save it in a sorted dictionary. (if I use texture it just saves a reference to the live video in)

so far so good. but when I convert my texture back to texture I get the live video feed again.


What is happening here?
preview 616


I guess @tonfilm 's answer from this thread also applies here.

@tonfilm mentions the help patch “How to Feedback a Texture with a FrameDelay”. I now copy the texture and save it into a pad. Still, The textures in the collection are a direct reference? to the incoming texture and update always.

textureQueue.vl (25.5 KB)

Is there a way to save them like in beta texture queue?

the queue help patch works fine here, if you stop inserting, they don’t update, the queue makes internal copies…

The CopyTexture node holds one internal texture and always copies into that. It could get a pin that allocates a new texture on every copy, that is what you probably want here.

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