How to reset the background in bacground supression automaticaly


im working with background supression , a modified webcam (IR hack), but changing of lighting conditions affects my background, so i managed to capture background with keyboard input by pressing my “b” key, now i want to make a background capture every 40 seconds so i dont have to press the key all the time, tryed LFO but gets crazy sometimes betwen 0 and 1 so i think i need a way to mantain a 0 value for 39 seconds and in 1 frame send a 1 value this is maybe a very basic question so im working on the documentation and tutorials but help or ideas/examples would be great
thank you all in advance

loving vvvv more every second

that can be accomplished in multiple ways, for example with Hysteresis (Animation) you can set a min and max levels.
It s a good idea to try the help patches for each of the Animation category nodes.

you shouldn’t have a problem using an LFO to do this. Just set the period to 40 and connect a Change(Animation) to the cycles pin. That will give you a ‘bang’ when ever the LFO has done a cycle. A bang is the sending of a 1 for a single frame, just what ya lookin for.

thank you so much

both worked like charm