How to repair broken 3d_dynamic_fieldTexture (hlsl code)

Hello to all, i used a particle system based on “ParticlesGPU _3d_Dynamic_FieldTexture”-example (shader library). For fasten system i tested the method described at the end of dottores guide_pdf. Used writer_node, loaded a xfile from lib and wrote particles_mesh_quad on it.
As i tried to load back the file (with xfile_node) vvvv_program crashed. After reboot the patch did not work anymore (black renderer). In the library (different folder) patch started but instead of building the examples (rotating spiral, sphere…) there was only diffuse particle fog. Same result when i tested other versions of the library). Its strange: all other patches with textures (position, reset etc.) are reacting as before; even 2d_fieldtexture-example. Quite recently i started learning hlsl; but my knowledge about shaders is up to now limited. Why is field_texture code different from other textures? (more filters, what means “adressU, V, W = border”?). Think there is a code (or method) to remind schaders that there is a field_texture for shading ;-) …would like to continue with this: _for weak point “coloring+lightning” i found a solution in meantime. Applied PhongDirectional a position_texture and can use it now instead of 3d_Dynamic_Constant node::with more colors+light.
Tanks beforehand

You could download again the library, open the “original” files and the modified ones with a text editor and check the differences - because for us is impossible to say exactly what you should do.
For your questions about textures, read graphics documentation, you’ll probably find your answers there.

Hi h99, thank you for answering so fast.
Fear to compare original library_nodes with my own will bring no results (still will do it). I have downloaded several versions (0.2, 0.3, 0.31) hoping the 3d_field_texture example would run with the three examples. But none of them did this (each other example was working correct). The error-source must be on my computer. Thought about a disturbance in input mesh_quad…??? _vertexbuffer_node, mesh_node: they are still the same… Hope i find a solution. Dont want to buy a new grafic_card (really loved the dynamic_field_tex concept).

Does a tty renderer report anything?
Every effect has Compiled and Techniques output pins: what do they say?
If you buy a new gc, you will probably have a more powerful one, giving you more chances to play with effects - so this shouldn’t be a problem; maybe this is related: are your graphic card drivers up to date?
I don’t think you managed to modify some vvvv files\folders, btw, as last chance, you can reinstall it.

19.1.2015 Hello again. As i was de_installing media_player classic i got the following text:
“the following directshow filter was detected as broken
filename: unknown
clsid: (1240b731-b41f-419b-a77b-340a1cf5b088)
reg key:
reason: missing required registry key
remove this item from the windows registry?”

Is it possible that the problems i described has do with broken dumpfilter?

And a answer i´ve got from vvvv user “anthokio” (thank you!) sounds plausible: “u had to reboot cause ur graphics card memory limit resulted a driver crash, ur patch size grow cause u saved the same data as ur huge xfile directly in ur patch. It’s not working anymore cause u prolly have shader or whole patch somewhere inside ur vvvv directory, resulting load of incorrect shader. Also check ur root for absence of any particular trash.”
But up to now i could not find any particular/shader trash. Grosse sch… More ideas?

try creating renderer TTY than create ur shader or open the patch that don’t work
and see if it says something…
can only suggest u re=install directx and all VC redists

nope. definitely unrelated. directshow filters have nothing to do with shaders.

Danke an alle! But its still not working. Fühl mich manchmal verarscht (from pc, vvvv, keine ahnung). In two or three month i will bye a faster laptop with a faster gc…wehe dann klappts nicht ;-))