How to record Audio to .wav

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i’m pretty new to v4 but I have to do a setup for a presentation that records audio to a file. The main idea is to play a video and record some self-spoken text, that can later be muxed with the video. I want to link the record to the start of the video, but can’t find a way to record from AudioIn. Have been searching the site for quite a while and think that FFT will somehow be the solution but don’t get how to use it yet. Please help!

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i am pretty sure that you have to use an external application for recording the audio part.
search the site for “puredata” or “pd” and/or have a close look at the ShellExecute (Windows) -node.
this node allows you to start other windows-applications from within vvvv.

kalle is right. for now there is no way to record audio within vvvv. sory.

ok, found a recorder that allows command line parameters to be specified. i want to create a string that i can connect to the input of the ShellExecute-nodes “command line parameters”-pin that looks something like “-s i need the duration from the output pin of a FileStream-nod here c:\fileX” and X needs to be a counter so it creates a new file everytime it is called.

you may have a closer look at

note that lots of nodes have “configuration pins” which are only visible in the inspector.
btw: pretty project for a beginner!


Out of curiosity, which recorder are you using, and is it free?

you may also try autohotkey to remote your soundrecorder.

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Well, here is what I have achieved so far:
The output is generated the way it was supposed to be,
where the way to go.

I use SoundCapture.exe which is free and can be easily configured. Get it here

Right now I am having problems with mouse clicks - it doesn’t generate a single click but instead a whole bunch of clicks, so my counter doesn’t work the way it was supposed to be.

Is there an easy way to keep a value that was only hit shortly.

If someone could look at my patch, it would be great! I’m doing this for fun but the guys i’m doing it for really need it by tomorrow evening, and im quite busy studying :-(

Thanks a lot for the replies, dih

patrick-thomas-proj2-1.v4p (84.4 kB)

insert a TogEdge (Animation) somewhere. will “debounce” multiple clicks to a single one.

btw.: did you ever read something about subpatches or modules ?
your patch seems to be predestinated for the use of those.

I have thought about subpatches but didn’t know how to do them, so i just put everything together in one patch. Would have been nice to have, but I didn’t have the time to look into that also.

Thanks alot for the TogEdge idea, will try that later.

hi digital-hoax , i did this little patch today and test it with soundcapture , and work very well ,you just need to put the same keys on both ,
is there a tutorial about shellexecute on how to set the arguments , or someone feel like teaching me how to please ?

soundcapture.v4p (9.0 kB)