How to put any ex9.texture.filter to a group of layers?

hello, I have two different video that I mixed togheter in a same reneder by a group node… now I’d like to put some effect or filter (like echo or warptime)
but I want to put it in the mixed video and not in every layers. How can I do?

You can make a texture out of that renderer, check DX9Texture (EX9.Texture) node. Note the hidden pins, use Herr Inspector to see and change those.

If you need alpha you have to make the background color of the renderer alpha 0, and than set the texture format to something with an A (for alpha).

Also read here: westtricks#get transparency out of the renderer.

And check this awesome niukt contribution to see a nice ‘chain’ of effects. niukt

Hope it helps.