How to prevent Save/Save-all dialog

I use the NodeSwitcher (from user catweasel, “Patch Switcher” package) to switch patches on the fly. Works fine so far, thanks by the way to catweasel.
But when I send values into the patch (it thus “changes”) and try to switch it again, I cannot do anything anymore until I click the "Patch has changed – Save all / Save / … " dialog.

Can anyone help me? Any idea how I can prevent this behaviour?

CreateNode has a pin called QuerySave, you can set it to 0.

if you want to switch patches for vjing, you can check out svvvvitcher. when you make your patches compatible with it, you can exchange them with other users some day…

Thanks a lot! Works very well now ;)

I’ve checked out svvvvitcher (sneaked into its code) some weeks ago. Nice one!

The patches I switch are sequences for light control (source data for a later dmx-output). Won’t be useful to Svvvvitcher.


alright, then just one hint, since we have the hidden ID pin on every node, you dont need the GetID subpatch of catweasels patch switcher anymore…