How to play videos in sync?

hallo all,

i`m new to vvvv. for an artevent i have to play 3 videoclips(ca5mins) in sync and full screen in an endless (8hours) loop. thats the goal. they have poor money so i thought to use this program. but its not so easy.
my patch works well with 1pc 2 graphiccards and 3 monitors. i start the videos a little bit tricky so the framedifference between lets say the masterclip and the other 2 videos is at least +/- 1 frame. then comes the first loop and the gap becomes bigger and so on.
this was my first try without any kind of synchronisation. okay.
next idea was to construct a closed loop which means to use the difference (frames or time what better works) that pulls out a value from a linear spread which in turn is connected with the speed node of the filestream that i want to make faster or slower. but doing it this way the speed node becomes disabled!!!i tried some work arrounds but no chance. at this point i had no more idea last night.
whow this is hard to accept!!
any other idea in the forums megabrain to really sync videoclips?

thanks for your time,
regards, pit

perhaps better restart all files via DoSeek than using that loop function.
i attached the patch you see perfectly for me.

i have to point to our genius mate @tonfilm again.
the tonfilm-VideoSync-modules even let you synchronize filestreams on several boygrouped computers.

StreamSync.v4p (14.6 kB)