How to play several folders using the Player (EX9.Texture)?


just a short and simple question regarding the Player (EX9.Texture).

My TGAs are organized in directories but I want to see them as one Stack (or one film).

The helppatch says:

Directory Bin Size
Join Directories to be played back as one Stack.
Allows you to workaround drive limitations and increase playback performance.

If my Directory has 14 slices (directories), what should the Directory Bin Size get? Does it need to know how many slices I have for the Directory pin or how many files I have in each directory?

I’ve tried different combinations, but can’t get it work.
The other pins are set to their default values except the Preload Frames pin which is spreaded with 10 frames.

Thank you for any help.


as long as you only want to output one texture, set the directory bin size pin to -1. your 14 directories will get scanned by the node and put together in a zip like fashion including modulo - little example:

dirA: 01, 03, 05, 07
dirB: 02, 04, 06
01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 02

the modulo access will probably be removed in future versions - doesn’t make much sense.

Hi Elias,

thank you for making this clear. I was wondering why the images were jumping in my Renderer. And that’s because of the modulo access.
For now I will just put all the images into one directory if I want to have just the straight sequence, right?

Ich hoffe bis bald!