How to Orthogonal Rendering?


Hey there, sounds quite like a beginner question, but is there a way to render a 3d scene orthogonal in directX9?
so without FOV?
If I just don’t use any perspective transform, the directional light (phong shader) is not working proberly and i get trouble with the near and far plane.


use an Ortho (Transform) node to set near and far plane (which by default is only set to -1/1).


damn that node hided from me!
but that does not solve the problem with the phong directional, hmm
The light looks like a point light, from a very long distance


can you post a patch that demonstrates your problem?


thanks, here is an example:

directional_light_test.v4p (13.3 KB)


directional_light_test.v4p (14.8 KB)

your main issue was having the cameras position at z=0. if you move it off the center it behaves good i’d say, see attached.


ahh i see, ok its not a real directional light, but it solves my problem here ;)
thanks a lot Joreg

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