How to open VL renderer

if I close a renderer in VL the node is still visible in the patch window, but how can I open the window again ? in beta it use to be right click on node. How about gamma ?

I am also interested in a solution. atm delete + place new render node seems to be the only way.

lol… that’s what I’m doing too…

Also the stride renderer can’t be closed… but the OpenCV renderer can’t be reopened …

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how are you doing this exactly?

i’m afraid at this point we don’t have a consistent windowing solution that works across different libraries (skia, opencv, stride). therefore for now things work differently per library.

please refer to these helps for details:

  • Skia: HowTo Configure a Renderers Window
  • Stride: Explanation Overview Window and Fullscreen

i believe the opencv renderer at this point doesn’t have any such options…

Well to close the renderer I just click on the top right red cross. But it’s not possible to bring it back.

Skia renderer has a red cross with the help patch, but not by default. Also if I close the Skia renderer then it close the entire patch, it also doesn’t seem possible to hide the borders.

Also the patch window is missing a title bar with close and minimize button so I can’t move it around.

EDIT - got it for skia.

which renderer are you talking about here?

This is a feature useful in helppatches where it is intuitive to close the patch when you close the renderer. the feature is called “bound to document” and is explained in the above mentioned “HowTo Configure a Renderers Window” patch.

same help patch → check the “Border Style” input of the SetWindowState node. you can set it to None.

it is a rather slim area, but you can move the patch window by grabing it here, ie right above the tabs:

Hi again,

I was talking about openCV renderer. I will check help patches again for the other.

Any reason for having such a “slim area” or is that just a Joreg’s UI/UX signature kind of vibe ? :)

The HelpBrowser looks really neat (color, margin, etc.) compare to the patch window’s top left menus. And by “neat” I mean almost unreal :D

Anyway, thanks.

the OpenCV renderer has the same “bound to document” feature. i still don’t see how you can “close a renderer in VL the node is still visible in the patch window” as you mentioned initially.

If you close openCV window you must delete the renderer node and add a new one for the window be displayed again.

Hi @lecloneur, I am afraid OpenCV’s Renderer features are somewhat limited as you have come to know. I can try and look at this at some point but I would say don’t hold your breath for now.

If you want a nice Renderer with (I presume) better performance I would suggest you use the Image interface to move your rendering to Skia or Stride.

This is an example of how to do just that with Skia:


No problem I’m just playing around for now, see if I can do something out of VL.

Thanks for your help.

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