How to make Texts are always center of renderer(EX9, GDI) even text will be added more?

Hi, everyone. :) I have really a simple question.

Does anybody know how to make texts are always center of renderer(EX and GDI)?

When texts are fixed, maybe I can handle with Transform simply.

However, when i add or delete some texts it cannot make center posion of renderer. I think at the begining of text position seems to be at the top of texts like this.

Thank you guys!!!

works for me. see attached.

TextAlign.v4p (5.3 kB)

Thank you joreg for your help!
I have slightly different issue from your thought. I will upload patches soon. then I will explain in details. :)

Thanks again.

Hi, vvvvers and joreg. Thank joreg for your help with last post.
(Oh! I think this forum doesn’t allow show images directly. So I made links. Sorry for this. :( )

I am explaining what i want. :)
I’d like to make a text position in the center of a bubble image. the text should also be center position(blue line)

but i cannot make it. texts always started at the top of texts even though i change HorizontalAlign like this.

This makes a problem with white space balance. Some texts have lots of space after texts or lack of space after texts like this.

jorge kindly mentioned solution. but in this case I cannot make it. I guess this part below makes a problem. Can anybody help me please?

here is vvvv files, you could download.

Thank you everyone.