How to make sliding object of preliminary unknown length

Hello everybody!

I would like to visualize some event-based stream in real-time. So in most simple way I receive through OSC some kind of Start message, and later Stop messages comes. The duration of each event is unknown. It may last for one second, or for dozen of minutes. Once the start message was received, the left side of the quad should appear from the border (assuming my quad slides from right to left). If duration is long enough, the quad should be increased in length until it occupies the whole width of a window. If the stop message is received the moving right side of the quad should appear and after some time it should disappear.

No problems with OSC, but I do not have any ideas for that kind of sliding. It feels like normal LFO is not an option, since the length of the object is changing. Maybe there should be two-part motion - one for the left side and one for the right…

Thanks for any suggestions!

Do you something like this?
Use integrate instead of LFO, then use the value to control scale and position. For position, divide the scale value by two.

Sliding.v4p (7.2 KB)

Thanks a lot! Wow!!!

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