How to make my own LFO with Phase Pin

Hey there,

I was asking myself how I can create my own LFO node with an additional phase pin because the normal one in vvvv gamma has none. How would I do that inside of vvvv gamma?

Like this

I tried this too and it works well for the values, but what I want is to shift the “on new cycle” in time to get the bangs timeshifted. Sorry i didn’t specify that. When I do this with for example with the “>” node then i dont get the bangs shifted as i wanted them to:
23.06.28_LFOPhase.vl (18.8 KB)

The left one is the the original one that looks good and the right one does something weird to my mind ;)

If I understand you correctly, this will do it:
23.06.28_LFOPhaseStopWatch.vl (26.4 KB)

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Ah I found the solution! I was thinking of two step sequencers that are shifted in time by half a phase but still playing the same patter. A bang on the 1/16 1/8 1/4 1/2 and 1/1 of a beat in a full bar by each lfo at its own period.
I just needed to shift the phase by the ratio of 1/2 down til 1/32 for each lfo. Sorry for the poor writing^^
here is the patch:
23.06.28_LFOPhase_solution.vl (24.3 KB)

thanks for the help!