How to make little spheres that fly inside big sphere

Hello Devvvvs,

i already create little spheres inside a big sphere and also i create a box in the middle of the big sphere.
the questions are:

  1. how to make the little spheres fly around box (randomly like satellite) but still inside the big sphere
  2. how to create line between the little spheres and the box

thank you in advance :)

orb 2.v4p (18.5 KB)

there is node’s called cartesian and polar you want to check, and about the line, you have to provide vertices position for it, just feed it with position of your sphere on from pin and position of your box from on to pin, then there is some switch on the node to use from to

oke thank you so much sir @antokhio for the info, i will check it :)

this migh be a start… you dont really need to go from box to the sphere because the box overlaps the lines. so from center should work too:

orb 3.v4p (22.1 KB)

i just made my own version using the @antokhio advice and when im going to post it again here i saw your solution, and its way better than mine hahaha because mine still have a problem when i want to translate the box and big sphere, the little spheres and line dont go ( sync ) to the new position, and your solution did that,big thanks to you @tonfilm .

i made a very little modification to your solution by just add the multiply node from size to standard deviation, so when i resize all, line and little sphere stay at the same amount no become less or more.

the next step is i will try to random movement of the little spheres(orb) using cartesian or polar node.

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