How to make comparison of custom classes in vl?

How can I implement the IComparable interface for my class?

Try to turn off the generic flag on the operation. Does it work then?

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But still there is a question

you can use Sort (Comparer) as described here: Sort index in VL

It’s good advice, but I dont need to sort anything, it’s just an example.
There is cases when external library (nuget) use IComparable to compare something. I asked myself when I tried use custom classes for the finite state machine nuget as state — it’s interesting, dont think so?. Maybe it’s not a good practice to implement custom comparator in this type of tasks, but it’s very interesting question — is it possible at all? Or maybe it will be possible later?

Example: StateMachine_Class.vl (38.6 KB)
I’m not sure at all if there is a comparison going on there. But I don’t even know how to try.


UPD: I looked closely at the error and realized that the problem is definitely not in the IComparable implementation

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