How to make a screenshot and send it with sendEmail

Hi, new question!
I’m working on a patch and I’m going to explain the result I’d like to obtain.
In the renderer, the user can type an email and proceed, or leave a blank and proceed. In the next part of the patch there are 3d objects in the renderer. The camera is still.
If an email has been typed in, then the counter adds “+1” value, which means a 3d object is selected from an array and inserted in the renderer. Then a screenshot of the new “scene” with the new object together with everybody’s elses is sent to the user with SendEmail.

But I do not know how to make a screenshot with vvvv itself (of course I manually can on the computer, but I DON’T WANT TO make a screenshot manually and send it manually!) and how to ask to SendEmail to take the screenshot and fit it in the Message.

I hope anybody knows something helpful. Thanks!

for saving images from the renderer see the texture writer nodes.

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Great. Now I only need to know how to attach in real-time the file to the e-mail. Any suggestions?

just need to save the texture to a path and then use this path a second later in your email sender node :)

Hi @Julie_white,

For the email sending bit, you could use this contribution (SMTP support only):

There are instructions on the link on how to set it up and help patches are provided to guide you. You will need to save the textures as files first though (using one of the texture writer nodes @joreg mentioned).

Let me know if you need further help with the email bit.


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Hi @ravazquez!
Unfortunately it seems I can’t correctly install because I don’t have the “Switch (boolean)” node installed on my vvvv.

In went to search for “CoreLibBasics” to see if that button was on “off” but it seems to be okay: what’s wrong then?

(However, I succeeded to install the dependencies as you can see
Do you know where could I find “switch boolean”?
I have downloaded the last beta and add-on pack recently, so I guess it’s something else that I’m missing.

Hi @Julie_white, double click the switch node, press escape once and there should be some options about which which you can use. Choose the ‘control’ one and it should replace the erroneous one.


Hi @guest,
thanks for the help, I just did as you suggested but there’s still something wrong :(

Nearly there, you’ll have to reconnect those links to the non-red pins. I assumed they would already be auto-fixed but not quite. Once the links are reconnect, the red pins will disappear and you’ll should be good to go. Its a strange error, but I’d guess that the send-email node was made in a different version of vvvv to the one you’re using.


Done! We’re so close!!! Now the node “HoldLastError” is magenta.

Sorry :D I’m trying. I hope I’m not a burden.

No worries, but I think Mr @ravazquez will have to step in here

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@Julie_white sorry about that, seems like there was an error introduced by me on the version you downloaded. I just uploaded a new copy of the zip file on the contributions page (v1.2). This should fix your switch error and hopefully prevent the HoldLatestError issue.

You should not need to re-install dependencies.

Please test and report.



@ravazquez thanks for the update so much! I downloaded and tested as soon as I got home.
The HoldLastError issue seems solved, as the ListEmails node now is gray as it should be. However, the “preview” nodes are red.
I right-clicked on them and it seems something’s wrong with the Enum2String node, but holding the cursor on the node doesn’t seem to tell me anything useful. I don’t know if it’s supposed to be like this.

@Julie_white yes, Preview nodes are only present in the ListEmails node help patch and will be red until you retrieve an actual attached image from an email. This is known and expected behavior, it does not mean there is an error.

On a sidenote, you probably want to be looking at the SendEmail help patch instead of the ListEmails one. ListEmails is meant to be used to retrieve a list of email messages from a server, not to send emails which is what SendEmail is for.

Best of luck.


So, I’m using SendEmail and I’m having troubles.

port: 587
username: (
password: (****)
Use ssl: enabled
from: (
to: (

Error message: The SMTP server requires a secure connection or the client was not authenticated. The server response was: 5.5.1.

I already enabled pop/imap and less secure applications in my gmail account!
What can I do? :(

In the case of gmail you also need to enable “Less secure app access” in your account settings here:

You can follow the instructions here (a bit dated but still good).