How to make a circle in Stride or Fuse

How can I make a circle in Gamma? I need it in Stride/Fuse and I don’t want a texture as a result.
Just like this example from beta:

With a cylinder

or the same but with MeshRenderer

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ok, makes kind of sense, perhaps it should show up in the node browser when searching for circle or segment.

(that brings the next question if you want to make pac-man and use the cycles input)

I can see the utility of it all, but compared to beta, it it is quite involved to do very simple 2D things, which is what I mostly do, compared to beta

Yeah that’s true, but let’s keep an eye on this :

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as of vvvv gamma 2021.4.11 there is a new primitive called Disk that resembles the functionality of the Segment nodes in vvvv beta.

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