How to load .mtl file in a fileModel patch

Hi, I’m able to load an .obj file with “fileModel” but I can’t open the relative .mtl file

@command as far as I know .mtl is some sort of config for .obj files with a list of textures. And it should be linked by the parser by default.
Why do you need to open MTL files at all?

Or there is an issue with textures?

Thank for your answer @yar. Yes, .mtl file should be load by default but in reality when I load my model by [FileModel] - [ModelEntity] I can see the model but without color information that are stored in .mtl like blender do it

Please provide a simple isolated patch with a similar model that illustrates the problem

ok I attach here the files. You’ll need to change file path
ScarpaViewer.vl (15.7 KB)
modell (717.3 KB)

First of all, there is no texture, it can’t be loaded properly.



You can put all files into one archive, including textures and patches.

sorry it was the wrong file… this is the correct one and it has no texture just color info inside .mtl that I can see correctly in other 3D viewers but not in VL
modell (494.0 KB)

actually interesting

In the examples there is only one way to texture a model.


This has already been on the forum

look here

Seems like there is a way
But it looks like there is a problem with the MTL format.
Is there anything about this error that looks familiar to you?


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LoadAssetFile is for Stride .yaml files that get generated by GameStudio for a Stride project, not for 3d objects.


@tonfilm It seems that loading and displaying models with materials saved in MTL is only possible by creating a Stride project file and then importing it into Gamma?

This has already been on the forum look here

yes i saw it but I could not get it to work sadly