How to link vvvv and c# program

Dear vvvv

In case I programmed on vvvv and I would like to send streams of data(value, colour, parameter etc.) and EX9out(Image, Video, from renderer)to do further process in C# program and return info (data + EX9)to vvvv. What and How shall I do to achieve?

Thanks in advance for all suggestion, Cheers

helo alien,

please start reading about plugins and then come back with a more specific question. the basics should be answered there.

Thanks for your suggestion, I’ll try and let you know the progress.

Cheers :)

I’ve read through

There’s a question, can we actually be able to use XNA framework within it? if yes, how?

Dear vvvv

the ‘dynamic plugin tutorials’ page shows just #1 but the rest of links is not work. Is it suppose to be able to access to tutorial #2-#12?

so…if you know how to use the XNA framework in c# you most likely can use it in vvvv. clone from a template, then open the project explorer (ctrl+j) and add necessary references to your project (just as you’d do in sharpdevelop or visualstudio).

and concerning the other tutorials…they are not yet written…

Thank you so much joreg, always have a useful suggestion from you :)