How to know CapsLock state?

I have finaly patched a decent, good working Typewriter Module. But now I wonder about the Caps-Lock.

The Keyboard (System Global) just tells me when I press it, but not what state it is in. So when it was on on before I start the patch, my toggle count is wrong.

Was hoping if there was any clever trick to figure it out, not a real big deal, but same goes for NumLock.

Thnx already :)

Okay, I think you can’t do it without some external tool, so I drop that.

New Q, is there an option to DISABLE vvvv shortcuts? So a ‘user with a keyboard’ can not bring any damage to the patch?

nope. sore. no idea how you could do that…

Wasn’t there once a node in VVVV to control the Keyboard status LEDs??

I believe a q’n’d way of knowing capsstate would be using autohotkey. It definitely can tell you the caps state (although you may need to connect it to VVVV by way of dummy filesystem entries or similar dirty tricks) & I believe you can intercept keystrokes with it entirely.

:( So I cannot give the end user a keyboard and feel ‘safe’

Any QWERTY keyboards out there that only send MIDI??

I never saw any software that could control the LEDs off a keyboard, but I am sure there are some that can read out the LED state.