How to import an information from processing?

I bought a pulse sensor amped from here:

and I also download the arduino code and the processing sketch from this website.

now I need to import only the information “BPM” from processing to vvvv. it is possible? and how can I do?

the processing code is attached (I deleted some information, is not the original sketch of the website, because i need only the BPM value):

arduino code and processing sketch.rar (33.2 MB)

Hello joeparsons,

please check this thread.

There is a simple example about processing-vvvv communication via OSC protocol.

For more examples on communication via OSC check the
folder in your vvvv directory.

Hope this helps.


Thanks a lot!!!
now it works!!! the BPM values are seen from vvvv.

the only problem it’s that I must click with the muose every time I want to send data.
I’d like that data was sent automatically every 2 or 3 second, without clicking the mouse button.

there is another function to do that automatically or I must do it manually only with “mousePressed”?

sorry but it’s the first time I use processing

Hi joeparsons,

if you only need the values, another way would be to not use processing at all.

The serial connection between arduino and vvvv can be established with the rs232 node.

I checked the arduino code and a really simple setup like in the patch attached should work!

Good luck,


arduino-vvvv-serialCommunication.v4p (5.5 kB)

To be honest, looking at the Arduino code, you can skip processing if you want use vvvv.

you will just receive this:

void sendDataToProcessing(char symbol, int data ){

Where the ‘symbol’ variable is S B or Q, folowed by a value. B seems to to give the BPM you want.

Look at the serial monitor in the Arduino software (Extra-> Serial Monitor)

If you can copy and paste that information, I am sure we can patch you something to receive it all.

Made a test patch, might work, don’t know, can’t test it ;) patch is based on original Arduino code.

Arduino Receive Pulse Sensor.v4p (27.1 kB)

@ Westbam
thanks to you, too. I have alredy used the node RS232. I have another sensor, of temperature. in this case I don’t use processing because I have in the serial monitor the value ready to be used from vvvv thanks to the node RS232.

But in the case of the pulse sensor I need that arduino continue to send to the serial monitor the data to turn on and off the LEDs, and not the BPM value.