How to ignore certain values?

I am interfacing with a rs232 device that spits out data in a predictable format, but there is a certain set of output values I want to ignore as it produces an error reading.

What I need is a node that says “if value is 0 then I’m not going to pass it on, and instead am going to keep the previous value”.
I’m sure that exists, but I can’t figure out what to use.

I’ve attached a patch which is fairly well labelled so maybe someone could help me out by having a look?

Thanks, D.

thermal-serial2.v4p (26.1 kB)

Maybe S+H cobined with a = or sift will do the trick. Didn´t have a look at your patch though.

also try ReplaceEmpty(value) module

Count (Value) and check if GT (Value) greater than zero.
use this to control a S+H (Animation) .

see attached patchlet

HoldValid (Value).v4p (2.5 kB)

Thanks Kalle - that works perfectly :)