How to hibernate a computer?

is there a build in node to hibernate the computer or do I have to use the System execute (don’t remember the name of the node)?! … and I read somewhere that there is a bug with fullscreen renderers after hibernation - any news about that?! the other thing is that “SystemPower” doenst work for me - what could be the reason for that?

hoho - many questions at once ;) but would be cool if anybody could help me out … I’m bit bussy the last months but I’m promising that when I will have more time soon I’m more around here and help the others out there :)

much thanks

ok, seems that for a “normal” shutdown process I should use “Shutdown” instead of system power! but I can’t find a hibernate mode there! … anyway I tested it with manually hibernation and it seems that this is not a good idea because then the connected bluetooth Arduino won’t work anymore :(

… anybody knows a good way of automatically wakeup/power on a computer?
note to myself: I should have a look at the bios setting … I think there are wakeup functions implemented!?

yep…some bios have wake up options
for example on hp computers you can choose days(monday->sunday) hours…etc
but on laptops this option is usually not available in the bios

you can also put some shutdown options directly in vvvv:
wake up from monday to wensday at 08:00 am
but shutdown everyday at 08:10 if month = august :)

yeah, I think I will go with this option. seems that this function is available in the bios :)

hibernating only seems to make trouble. hope the there will be no fullscreen troubles.

same here: the hibernation mode on win xp
firewire e-sata and usb devices (eg:soundcard/hard drive etc…) are not recognized/refreshed on wake up
…dunno if it works better on vista