How to handle colors?

I am experiencing that colors are not consistent across gamma.
There is a slight increase in saturation once rendered compared to the color that is visible in the IOBox.

Also when exporting a PNG sequence yesterday that I needed to process in Davinci Resolve, I noticed the colors were way off, previously setting the input colorspace to sRGB was fine, now I needed to set it to linear.


So is there a best practice when it comes to colors and colorspaces in Gamma?

If I may dream a little, then something like support for ACEScg would be great to have consistency with other software in a color managed workflow.
I have no idea how complicated that would be though.

SceneWindow and SceneTexture nodes both have an input called “Enable Default Post FX” which is true to optimize for a default of working with the high-level physically-based-rendering workflow. if you’re not using this, turn it off and you should see your colors as expected.

Should “Enable Default Post FX” be off by default?
What are the default Post FX?

Tebjan wrote about that here: