How to get the name (string) of a R Node controlled by a Ord2enum?

I have this kind of video mixer, and i made my video selection patch, with uses a R node to recive the texture sended by the content patchs

Yes i know this is not the most effective way of doing it… but still i cant get this workin…

I want to select my content from a Value, that goes to a ORD2Enum patch, and i want to output the name of thar R patch as a string…

i leave the example file

example.v4p (21.9 kB)

have you tried Enum2String (Enumerations)?



that was it, thanks !

i add a imput selector, that it limited to the number of available textures

by using this patch + a litle mixer im able to switch content a little bit faster

to avoid fast swiching i add a 1 second wait time until the selection its made, but the output name works realtime so i can switch with the midi controller in a fast way until i see the title im looking for

example2.v4p (40.8 kB)