How to 'get slice' from a 2D spread?

I’m a noobie to vvvv…having fun with it but I can’t work out which node to use to help with the follow problem;

I have an array of 25 cubes that I’ve generated using the ‘cross2d’ node and two linear spreads.

I want to scale one of these cube instances separately but can’t work out how to get the information out of the cross 2D node.

I’ve tried using ‘get slice’ and ‘cons’. But I can only access single or multiple rows of cubes.

I’ve also had a look at the ‘interface’ example in the girlpower directory which uses the mouse input in conjunction with the point2vector node. But I think my problem is different because I want have the xy from the mouse input. Rather it will midi triggers which will select certain cubes from the array at random.


You don’t need to use get slice from the cross, you can just set the scale directly, probably best to use a resample(value) to set your default scale value with the count the same as the cross (you could use the count(value) node here, and then use setslice to set the value and slice of the cube you want to change.

Setslice.v4p (8.2 kB)

ohhh…that’s so simple and beautiful.
thank you for setting me on the right track, I happy as a beamer.

ohh…changing the bin size is entertaining as well.

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