How to get relative mousemovement

Dear all,

how can I get relative mousemovements instead of absolute coordinates?
I need that because I want to continue use the mousemovement independent from the position of the pointer on the screen.



There should be a FrameDifference node!

But if the mousepointer reaches the border of the screen, there are no new values

Do you need the absolute mouse position on your screen?


No, I have that already. as said, the problem is that it stops at the borders of the screen. What would help me is the value which the mousedriver usually sends to the system. this is usually a stream of values which depend on the speed of the movement of the mouse. fast movement=larger values. I wonder if there is already a node for that.

But that sounds like you want the FrameDifference node…

how could the framedifference node output anything if there is no change of the input value?

I don’t know. Maybe take your time and make a screen recording, so we can understand better what your problem is.

i’m not aware of a node that allows you to do that. not sure if VL.IO.MouseKeyGlobal or its underlying library could do it.

if not then two ideas as starting points:

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Thanks, repositioning the pointer sounds like a smart workaround!