How to get fiducialtracker working?

hej… i just tried out the freeframe video filters in vvvv. they work great and i had some fun with the colortracker. but i cant get the fiducial tracker to work. when i connect my webcam to the fiducial note i just get “Ø” as output.

what do i have to do to get it working.

thanx for your help.

Did you print some fiducial tracker that can be found here ?

Then point them to the camera, each fiducial got an different id so that u can assign each marquer to do different computations. It can track the marquer position and orientation.

hope it helps

hej thanx… i didnt print anything.

i think the problem was that i dint really now what a fiducial tracker does…

can i somehow do my own fiducialtracker “symbols”? or do i have to use these in that pdf?

The easier way is to use the ones provided with the pdf.
Print them and stick them on whatever you want to track.

You can find informations about marquer system there