How to get bin size

hello people im trying to make some experiments with the line(ex9) node,but when the spread is more big than 500 the line breaks , y try to fix it with the binsize, but i dont get the exactly value to se the line properly , y always get holes in some parts of the line, anyoone know any way to get the bin size of an spread, how to calculat or to patch that it work???.
its really unknown for myself.
thankxx alot for vvvv

does Count help?

count dont works, its really a mystery about the bin size

Dunno, can you post example off wehat goes wrong?

And check my Spread to Rope might be something helpfull in there.

edit: thinking about it, if everything only goes wrong with 500+ spreadcount, it could be a performance issue. I rember some user send me a patch, and with me it looked ugly/wrong, but for him it worked. He had a better Processor and Graphic Card. Involved 1000+ pillows.

true. 500+ for line node can crash the whole system on some computers. easy with the lines man! :)

i think there is no solution to this problem, my goal, is to make like a paint system, with lines, but the limitation of the spreads, is giving me a little of headache, i try with the rope node and queue to draw, but the resolution that gives me the rope its not enough, is there anyway to douuble the resolution of a rope from the spread , because if i do it, the rope brakes,
any suggestions with the rope or line node???

post your patch here. let us see what you want to do. there is a solution to every challenge!

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