How to generate BINs in spreads?

ladies and gentleman,

could you tell me how to create spreads with bins?

i want to put several spreads together into one big one, and keep their structure by sorting them by binsize.

cheers :)

hi schlonzo!

vvvvs spreads are always flat and have no bins in them.
but quite some nodes have vector or binsize pins, which gives them the possibility to interpret a flat spread as a bin structured spread.

does that help?

not really, lets say i have:

spread A: 4,97,15
spread B: 100,35,83
spread C: 7,63,1

and i want to put them together into one spread that has a BIN size = 3 and looks like this:

A 4
B 100
C 7
A 97
B 35
C 63
A 15
B 83
C 1


Vector (3d join) is your friend… see patch


vector3d.v4p (4.4 kB)

or stallone (if there are more than 4 bins)