How to format text with Text(EX9)

I need a text box with fixed width and constant type(letters) size. When i set Normalize pin to Width it makes fixed width text but the letters size is not consistent. When i have short sentence (small number of letters) the size of letters is bigger than when i have a long sentence (lots of letters).

Is it possible to have consistent type size with Text(EX9) node? Or is there a better solution to work with text?

When i set Normalize to None, than i have to Transform/scale Text to around 0.0010 to see it. Is this normal method?

btw. what is Size pin doing? Its not changing the the type size when Normalize is set to Width, only in Normalize - None mode.

In attachment is the test example with both cases, Normalize-Width and Normalize-None.

typo_test.v4p (12.4 kB)

can someone help me with this?
is there a better way to work with text?

ai vedran,

seems maxl found a solution that works for him. have you tried as he suggests?

tnx joreg,
I’ll try that soon…