How to force vvvv to run only one instance of a patch?


i wonder, if there is any option to force vvvv run only one instance of the patch?

since it take some time to load large projects, some nervious users continue clicking on patch icon and force vvvv to run it twice. patch running in double lead to perfomance leaks, problems with some devices and other bugs.


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I have handled this problem by using a launcher patch where you start a little patch and in there have a button to start a bigger patch.

then I make the little laubncher patch that launch the big patch and then quits itself.

this is done using the /allowmultiple parameter in args.txt, ShellExecute (Windows) and DoQuit (VVVV).


good point. fixed that for betas>25.1
now via dblclick in explorer only one instance of a patch can be created.

thanks joreg! since switching to next beta will take some time many thanks sunep for good trick for now!