How to fly using kinect

Hi everybody!

I’d like to fly using the kinect like is shown in the first part of this video: .
And I think I need a little help from you before I start. Which parameters of the arms should I use? Do I need something beside the skeleton(OpenNI) node?


For the interaction it would probably be enough to take both hand positions.
Calculate the angle from that and use it as roll and map the upward/downward motion of the hand to flying up and down / pitch.

You could also use the joint angles to check if the user has his arms in a wing like posture.

Skeleton node would be useful for this.

Wow thanks ethermammoth! That was exactly the kick I need to start.
What do you mean with “map the upward/downward motion of the hand”? How would you do that?
Thanks again!

Hi again!
I attach the patch I’m playing with. I’m a rather new user of vvvv so I used as base the VLY patch I found in the addon pack.
If anybody wants to give me any critic or suggestion I’ll be very happy and thankful.
Ah! You fly forward tilting your torso. go right and left tilting left and right (like in the video i posted before) (795.9 kB)

Nobody has seen my patch? :)

Ahhahaha I had the same idea when I saw that video from vimeo…
use the patch that was in girlpower folder (VLY)…
Some months ago I tried to patch it for learn how to use skeleton’s data…but…never finished…came to my mind after reading your post