How to fix a Quad Classic?

My beloved Quad had an accident, is it possible to get a new unbroken one? I don’t think the real world GPU could handle this one.


Note to Self and others storing it like I did, don’t put it up high in it’s box on the side so you can see the quad from the side, it is not stable.

abit late, but sometimes S+H can help .)

hm, that’s a pity… but as far as i remember, they have NO WARRANTY… :)
but it should be possible to order a new one, but i have no details on this at hand.

yes, I need to buy a new one. then this can be the first quad tear down. can you guys put one aside for me?

you have to add this case to manual and write a wkik page ;p
it’s prolly due to pink underwear…
anyways sucha loss…