How to filter strings?

i’m parsing tweeter feed and it all goes well, only trouble is that i would like to remove links from the string, something like this should go off “”.

another thing is that i’d like to remove rude words from the same string. i have them as string with words separated by dots. could someone suggest the best method to do this operations on string?

are you familiar with regular expressions?

I am working on a similar project (twitter xml to be displayed). I will let you know of progress made (first item on agenda is to remove everything in between “@” and " ")

i was using regexpr in as3, but i’m not used to this type of solutions… but well, i think i’ll have to do it with this (to remove links). when i make it i will post it here.

btw. i did filtering with Substitute(String) object. wery nice solution :). if you have a lot of words you can write all the words in one .txt file and get them with Reader(File) object.