How to fill the box with particles also shape the particles like wave and make it cleaner?

Hello, I want to implement a particlesystem like wave. It looks like the lower right corner of the picture. I run into several problems and hope to get help

how to fill the box with particles? It seems not enough even if I have emitted two hundred thousand particles use Emitter(dynamic buffer). If i continue to increase, all particles will disappear. The same problem arises when i use Emitter(layer). It is weird.

I use fieldtrip vectorfield to shape the particles, but the boundary is not sharp and the particles are in a mess. How to make it cleaner like the example?

Thank you for giving me some help

If you want it cleaner you have to use more particles.
Try with the vanilla emitter helppatch whats the particle max for your system.
Test it adding one component at a time to find out what causes the particlesystem to not funktion any more.


Thanks! Great! I used your method and solved it.

Hi! Is it possible use Emitter(layer) random sample position from the texture or use Emitter(dynamic buffer) blend texture in?

Emitter(layer) is like LinearSpread sample positionBuffer from the texture, then put the particles into vectorfield. They come together initially and then they spread out. How to avoid clustering?

If I use Emitter(dynamic buffer) and use RandomSpread sample positiionBuffer. They spread out initially, it looks ok. But, maybe it is hard to blend texture in.

Thanks again!

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