How to EXPORT a gammaPatch including a Video Input? (e.g.: VideoIn OpenCV)


Didn’t dive to much into it and I can imagine you have to take care about some parts when you want to export an app with VideoIn - so I just ask here before.

For example: Just tried to open a OpenCV HelpPatch with a Camera Input (works fine) and then I want to make an EXE ( F9 export the GammaPatch) - I always got the Error


My first impression was I have to make something that the user choose the camera driver or set the standard one? - but also with "CreateDefault"OpenCV.Source nothing changed - or did I miss something else?

What I have to do in this case?

THX CeeYaa

Got some of the OpenCV LearnPatches with VideoIn EXPORTED after I installed
do I really have to do this?

“HowTo Extract Contours.vl” as EXE was the only one working fine - others startet without Error, Camerapicture was shown but nothing else happening

Thanks for the report, we’ll look into it.