How to draw multiple lines at the same time?

How to draw multiple lines at the same time , as more than one brushes are paniting ?

Hello evvvveryone, I 'm trying to achieve more than one “brush” automatic which they are each able to draw out the line respectively, and the number of the “brushes” can be arbitrarily changed.

  1. I tried to use RandomSpread (Spreads Legacy) and Damper (Animation), produces many moving vector.
  2. Each displacement vector is obtained by GetSlice (Spreads),then Queue (Spreads Legacy) out the lines.But

When I increase the amount of brush in Spread Count of RandomSpread (Spreads Legacy) , I have to manually add a GetSlice (Spreads), this is not what I want. And when I attempt to draw the second line, I found that the first line and the second are connected.

And I tryed to use I (Spreads Legacy) set all indexes of my Vectors , and input them to Index of GetSlice (Spreads), I found all the Vector are connected.

I hope VVVV friends can tell me how to solve?

DrawMultipleLines.v4p (47.5 kB)

like that?

DrawMultipleLines.v4p (39.3 kB)

Genius! Mr @sebl :D, Now ,I must get understand how it work ,thank you.

also have a look at the lines patches in:

Thank you,Mr@joreg,I really regret ignoring the helpful patches .