How to do the random?!

Hi everyone!
we would like to create a patch like this (photo attached), by downloading the images from an channel.
for now we have done this and the images come to us. but we don’t know how to create a controlled but random structure similar to the photos. thank you all!

provaArenaAPI01.vl (40.2 KB)

these are no random structures. what you see are parts of different movie frames.
playback videos, move the videos diagonally and turn off “clear” on the renderer.
either in skia or in stride with an orthographic camera (parallel projection - no perspective)

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ok thank you schlonzo.
how do you do this?
thank you

here you go

callmenames-2021-06-25.vl (16.2 KB)

I suggest you have a look at some tutorial videos on youtube to get familiar with the basic packages.
They come as “nugets”. check out how to add them to your project.

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thank you very much

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