How to do "arccos(A)" in VL



I need to calculate arccos of an angle in VL. But how?

In VVVV the solution would be Expr (Value). Is there any equivalent in VL already?


Acos [Math] is available among the advanced nodes. Enable advanced nodes in the nodebrowser by hitting TAB or pressing the “Advanced” toggle button in the topleft corner of the nodebrowser.


Thanks! This was the reason, why I didn’t found it.

Offtopic: I like the idea to declutter the node-browser. But the current approach leads me often to not finding what is actually there. Maybe having the option to disable categories (default: enable advanced) could be a simple solution. Off-Offtopic: Why is Cos / Acos and similar math-nodes advanced?


There’s an option for that in the settings.xml, “NodeBrowserEnableAdvanced”. You can find it via Quad Menu (left right corner in the vl window) > Settings > Open in editor.

“TooltipShowOperation” is also quite the lifesaver…


because they’re dealing with radians and we’d argue that with vvvvl’s cycle-based nodes most standard usecases can be solved.

may i ask what you’re using acos for? wondering if we have a cycle based node replacement available…


come ooon, later elementary school grade trigonometry including radians shouldn’t be “advanced” regardless how frequently people use it. I know you guys trying to make vl more accessible but this is not the way to do it when you have fuzzy search :P


i have to agree with timpernagel and microdee, i regard these nodes as essentiell as + - . when i started with max msp , these nodes where pretty much the first thing i touched in visual programming, implementing a formula.

definetly not advanced.

concerning the filter in general, we have to closely watch this thing in the beginner workshops if this really works or causes more confusion.