How to Displaying a sequence of images

sorry for such stupid question,i’m new to vvvv,i knew how to displaying a sequence of images in processing,like

for(int i=0; i<numFrames; i++) {
String imageName = “PT_anim” + nf(i, 4) + “.gif”;
imagesi = loadImage

however,how do i achive the same result in vvvv,i wanna loading 32 .pngs into vvvv rendering window,any hints?

thank you in advanced!

dir (with the directory of the imgs) - filetexture - getslice (node) - quad or whatever

cycling throught the index pin of getslice then does it

Check out my image sequence player here:

It might give you a few hints.

thank you both of you,great! i’ll try it