How to detect tap vs drag on a button

When the user tries to scroll, or drag on the screen it automatically fires a lot of Buttons.

I have tried to pair the Button(multitouch) with Drag + NOT node with button but even small taps inadvertently create drag events.

hei ankit, i am not quite sure what you’re after. please provide a patch of what you’ve tried so far. for some blind guesses have a look at TogEdge (Animation) and MouseMatch (Mouse).

Sorry for being so vague, I will try to describe my issue better.

Lets say, We have a carousel that can be scrolled using touch. However I also want to be able to detect when a user taps on the quad. Scrolling the carousel keeps creating touch events on the buttons.

Check the file attached (tapdetection.v4p)

Till now, I have had a partial success using frame counters, but don’t think thats the best way to do it, as it still has some exceptions.

MouseMatch sound like what I may need but haven’t had any success with it.

Tap detection problem (19.0 kB)

here you go!