How to detect sound ouput from onboard

Hi all,

I am having a problem trying to detect sound from my sound driver. Tried looking into the FFT node but it doesn’t seem to be working.

Anyone had a similar experience before who can help me out here? Thanks

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are you on Windows 7?
try downloading newest driver from Realtek. in my case this helped.

i am on windows xp. but i just updated the drivers and it still doesn’t work :(

hm, somehow strange.

when you are on XP i am pretty sure that this is rather an issue of settings than a problem with vvvv.
otherwise we would have had read some more similar vvvvorum posts within the last 3-4 years.

maybe AudioRecordSelector (System) can help you?

Microsoft’s Sound Control Panel never ever did appear only somehow logical to me.
i have been a live sound engineer in one of my countless former lifes…

Under FAQ of the AudioRecordSelector Page, i’ve been trying to figure this part out:

“. This is an actual switch built in in your sound card. Typically the options are microphone, line-in and stereo-out. {POSTIT(title=>Title, date=>date)}you might like to switch the input to stereo-OutPOSTIT}.”

I can’t seem to find those options, microphone = Mikrofon? Is it in German or something? And my AudioIn help node don’t seem to work either, its suppose to be the place for detecting sound from the local sound driver. Does it work for you guys out there? Or is it just me :/

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my AudioIn node don’t seem to be detecting anything too. Does it work for you guys or is it just me? If it is, let me know, i will try to test this on another computer.

hello, is it a laptop? maybe this can help.

Nope I am on a windows pc.

go to sound control panel -> properties -> recording/input and check all boxes. do you have an option stereomix? after clicking ok you can probably decide on only one of the available inputs, i have worked with soundchips that don’t save the settings chosen there for long.

What box are you refering to? I only got this options, and even if i do select them in the audioIn node, no sound gets detected.

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under there, click on “volume” - a new window should popup with various sources to select. with onboard sound you can usually activate only one source. for getting music you play on the same pc you need to select stereomix.

thank you so much frostpfote, after switching to stereomix on fft, it works…now fft node is finally able to detect from sound card.
Appreciate all your help.