How to detect guitar strums reliably (e.g. in gist audio analysis)?

I’m trying to use guitar strums as a trigger in audio visualization. I managed to get there somewhat using gist sound analysis / peak energy, but I am facing the problem of unwanted retriggering. A strum is sometimes detected without an actual strum on the guitar.

I have attached a patch - built on the gist example in the help browser - with a guitar sound example. I have picked an especially ‘hard to detect’ example as it could occur in a live situation, but I am not sure, if there is a way of detecting examples this hard reliably.

In the patch attached I have tried avoiding retriggering using a monoflop, but that approach did not do the trick. Also I am not sure if gist / peak energy is the best approach to achieve strum/note detection.

So, any help or hints much appreciated,
thanks a lot in advance!

gist analysis guitar (756.3 KB)

Did you look at the help patches of the audio pack? there should be a beat detection help patch…
Open the help browser (F1) and type “beat”…

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Thanks a lot - no, I have not tried this (only beat detectors in vvvv beta, which did not seem to work for me). At the moment, the gamma beat detector only detects the very first strum, but I am going to try to tweak (and understand :-) ) the beat detector help patch!


I’m sorry, but I think the help patch “HowTo Beat Detection” is not working as it is supposed to: when I open the patch (without manipulating anything besides selecting the sound interface), the sliders above the BeatDetector node move, but there is no movement below the node. I have tried it on 2 computers. Is it a bug? Is there a setting I have not recognized?

Thanks a lot!

small video in the zip file:
beat (158.3 KB)

I have created a new topic for this new question:

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