How to create custom window in plugin

if i want to create custom window plugin(supports alt+1,2,3 and fullscreen), create plugin as subclass of usercontrol class is only way?

made some window by 3rd party lib and want to use it as vvvv style window (like alt+2). i can get window handle of it.

i’d use Template(GUI)

yes, i know but looking for other way.

IWindow or IWindow2 is just access to window, not for create?

couldn’t find any other sensefull way than inheriting from usercontrol.

have tried to just attach a custom window to that user control for size and position. the trouble surfaces however, when you use InABox mode, since it should scroll around together with the patch, and not visible, when scrolled out. you’d also have to do z-sorting with other patch windows yourself…
and then there is high-dpi settings and all this other stuff which will make you bleed…

what kind of window do you have to use that you can’t host it in a usercontrol?

well i’m thinking create GLSL fragment shader renderer using openTK( openTK supports create native window or use windows form both, so if vvvv only supports usercontrol window then use win form, but native window seems better graphic performance (they call GameWindow).

i remember elliotwoods already made openGL renderer with openTK and he used usercontrol for renderer.

is this helping ?

thanks, this is helpful. create shader viewer first then check performance and try it.