How to create a VS plugin project

Just getting started. I’ve found lots of articles on how to create a dynamic plugin using the builtin VVVV code editor which doesn’t address using Visual Studio and I found the article on debugging using Visual Studio which assumes the project is already set up and shows how to change properties but doesn’t address what assemblies need to be referenced, etc… I can’t seem to locate anything that says how to create a project in VS for a VVVV plugin. There probably is one, but I haven’t located it yet. Also, When I look under development for “plugins” it pretty much restricts itself to discussing “dynamic plugins” developed using the built in editor. Is there a distinction between “dynamic plugin” and “plugin”? I assume the latter are just the standard nodes which appear in the node browser whereas the former are small “custom” code written for a particular project which exposes the C# code. If I’m right there, I want to produce a “plugin”, not a “dynamic plugin”. Am I missing some incredibly obvious documentation here? Sorry if so. Thanks!

Darrell Plank

You need just create dynamic plugin by duplicating any template, then open it’s .proj file in Visual Studio 2008+ and just code and compile. Also, you need to add VVVV45 constant to your enviroment variables . This constant will point to VVVV installation dirrectory.

Cool - thought I had tried this and had problems with the references but it seems to be working now. I can’t see how defining the env variable would fix up problems with the references, but maybe I’m missing something. Anyway, it seems to work now - thanks!

Many references was like - “VVVV45/blablabla”. So, you defined where is VVVV45 is placed.